What is the Best White Fish to Eat?


White fish does not refer to a particular type of fish. It typically means a mild flavored fish that cooks quickly and is relatively inexpensive. For those who want to eat healthier, fish is an important part of one’s diet. Some types of white fish are cod, bass, tilapia, haddock, grouper, catfish, and snapper. When choosing fish as part of a healthy diet, it is important to choose one that has the highest nutrient content, lowest fat, and lower calories. There are many choices, and you may be asking yourself what is the best white fish to eat?
Many Nutritious OptionsTilapia is one of the less-expensive fish on the market and is also one of the lowest fat fish available. It has only 2 g of fat and 26 g of protein in a 3 1/2 ounce serving. Farmed fish such as rainbow trout and white striped bass can be safer than wild due to metal contaminant levels in wild fish. Mackerel is a lean white fish that is high in healthy fats. It has been shown in some studies to lower blood pressure and eliminate build up in arteries that can lead to heart disease. Pollock, Sardines, and Herring are also considered high omega-3 fish that are low in unhealthy fats.
Verdict: Best White Fish to EatAs you can see, there are many healthy options available. The American Heart Association considers Cod to be one of the healthiest fish to eat. Cod is considered one of the best sources of phosphorus, vitamin B12, niacin, and is high in omega-3 fatty acids. A 3 ounce portion of cod has only 1 g of fat and contains between 15 and 20 g of protein. You can get all of this for less than 90 calories per serving. Whether you want to make a great chowder, bake them, grill them, or pan sauté them, white fish are versatile in the kitchen.